I believe that beautiful imagery is as pure as the moment. After holding a Mini DV camera and imagining I was a professional cinematographer back when I was nine, I knew there was something special to capturing a moment and keeping it as a memory. Since that day, I have had great experiences making videos for myself and others. 

So then, who am I?

I was born in State College, and ventured to Singapore at the age of seven. It was a great experience for me, as one might imagine, and (of course) one that I will never forget. After seven years of card magic, Rubik's Cube solving, and a growing interest in filmmaking, I returned back to State College, where I currently live. 

My style

I try to immerse people in my work. I'll always remember watching Star Wars when I was seven years old and feeling as though I were there in their world. Yes, I know this is not quite as easy to accomplish when making a wedding video, but, I want you to feel like you are there. What you are left with is a unique summary of the wedding with all the heart and soul that was originally there. 

My prices

So, you want to hire a wedding videographer but are afraid it will cost too much. Don't worry, my prices are affordable and accommodate budgets of literally any size. 


"I highly recommend Gareth Ng Wedding Videography if you are considering hiring a videographer for your special day. He did an amazing job on my wedding video and went above and beyond what we even imagined receiving."

-Addie Eshelman


"You are clearly a real cinematographer, you have an eye for light and movement, there is a poetry to your work."

-David Mullen, ASC


"Amazing work. I can not say enough about your work. You impressed me with your professionalism and clearly amazing skills. Hoping I won't need to use you again for my own wedding haha, but I will be certain to recommended you to everyone I know. Again I can not thank you enough."

-Mat Barndt